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We take a quality and modern approach to your home installation needs. Founded in July 2004 as a foreign investment company, we now specialize in fabrication and supply of high quality Direct—fix Aluminum and UPVC windows and door systems to the trade. We also specialize in commercial construction areas such as curtain installation, semi-structure, structural glass, sky lights, roller shutting cladding, fly screen, and more! Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We combine expert planning with modern technology so you can bring new beauty into your home without burning a hole in your wallet. We work with you financially so you can select the best installation and payment plan for your budget.

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Turn only

Our Turn Only windows are a great addition to your home! With turn only windows, the tilt and sash is opened by rotating around the hinges. This is the easiest application for windows and doors but not practical for spaces with larger dimensions. Turn only windows are less prone to water leakages, keeping your home safe and sound no matter the weather. We offer:

  • Turn only Single Sash
  • Turn only 2 Sash
  • Turn only Arch Shape


You don’t want to miss out on our door and window frame cladding. Our classic clad products come custom-made and don’t require any additional painting or upkeep. There are no exposed fasteners, dents, or waves. We provide simple beauty with little to no upkeep.

Curtain Wall

All of our custom-made doors and windows come with custom-made curtains of your choice. Now’s the time to get creative! There’s nothing like adding those final touches to your recent home installation. Our curtain wall method allows glass to be used in large uninterrupted areas creating consistent attractive facades.