Sliding Windows & Doors are a fun and versatile alternative to traditional windows and doors. Our sliding windows and doors work the size and configuration of your choice. Sliding doors and windows offer many benefits to your home.

Space efficiency, superior ventilation, safety, security, space-saving, energy efficiency, natural lighting, and more! Sash doors and windows have a rich and exciting history! Many believe that the sash window was developed in England, but its historical significance appears all over the world.A classic sash window arrangement includes three panes across by two up and on each of two sash, giving a six over six panel window.

Sash doors and windows come with many benefits for the modern home. Quality sash windows can increase your home’s property value and help create a stylish, period look. Al Haakim will install beautiful sash windows (single or double) fitted to any home.

Our quality sash windows can help increase window security, reduce noise and utility bills, improve overall energy efficiency, low maintenance, and boost your home’s safety and security through locks and child safety features.

Our energy efficient sash windows will help you save more money on your energy bill during the winter months. Sash windows help trap heat and prevent cold air from sneaking in because they have layers of weather stripping designed to keep your home comfortable and safe.

Sash windows and doors are much easier to clean because they can open from the top or the bottom. They may even improve your home security. That’s right! Safe doors and windows offer security and peace of mind. Our sash doors and windows have a number of security features and can be improved upon.

At Al Haakim, we offer:

  • Sliding 2 Sash

  • Sliding 3 Sash

  • Sliding 4 Sash

  • Arch + Sliding

  • Curve Sliding (Bombay)