Upvc Sliding

Upvc Sliding

Sliding doors are a great option for homes with balconies or large gardens. A sliding door is great for continuity and safety. Traditional doors can lead to injuries if opened too quickly. uPVC sliding doors are a fabulous addition to your home. They make rooms look more spacious and offer stunning views to the great outdoors, even if that’s just your backyard! At Al-Haakim, our uPVC frames are designed to match and/or complement the interior of your home.

uPVC doors have excellent durability. They’re stronger than traditional materials and are not prone to cracking or rusting. This resistance makes uPVC the ideal material for sliding doors. UPVC doors are energy efficient, as uPVC is a fantastic thermal insulator. Our doors don’t allow heat to flow out which reduces your heat bill come winter. The doors also insulate against outside heat, making those summer nights cool and cost-effective. And let’s not forget the abundance of sunlight flowing in, meaning you can cut back on indoor lighting.

Our shatterproof safety glass will protect your home against intruders and unexpected damage. uPVC doors are stronger than other materials. The galvanised steel reduces the chance of break ins or damages. Al Haakim uPVC doors are easy to operate, long-lasting, and space efficient. We’re here to help you find the most energy-efficient and low maintenance sliding doors around! Call today

At Al Haakim, we offer:

  • Sliding 2 Sash

  • Sliding 4 Sash

  • Arch + Sliding

  • Curve Sliding (Bombay)