Tilt and slide

Tilt and slide

Our tilt and slide windows are the perfect solution for homeowners looking to save space and enhance their style. Tilt and slide windows can be opened fully by sliding or tilting inwards. This offers superior ventilation and achieve more effective insulation than your standard window.

Ventilation is maximized by the unique tilt option. Our tilt and slide windows are perfect for kitchens, offices, studies, or anywhere computers or large machinery may get in the way of the turn modes of your windows.

The Benefits of Turn Only uPVC windows:


uPVC windows are a safe and nontoxic option for your home. They provide high levels of thermal comfort that will last a lifetime. These highly-durable features can prevent unwanted break-ins and high electric bills (more on that later). uPVC provides excellent sound insulation and may reduce unwanted noise up to 70%. With uPVC turn only windows, you don’t have to worry about excess noise or easy break-ins.

Low cost:

uPVC windows generally run cheaper than aluminium windows and may provide more benefits depending on what you’re looking for. Costs will vary from place to place, but you can expect a much more affordable price by choosing Al Haakim. We’ll work with you and your budget so your superior installation won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Low maintenance:

uPVC turn only windows can withstand the elements and are easy to maintain. The quick and easy opening feature gives you full access to both sides of the window pane without ever needing to go outside. You will only need to clean the frames a few times a year, as uPVC tends to stay clean no matter the weather!

Excellent performance:

as mentioned, uPVC windows are energy efficient, so installing them can reduce your electric costs in the long-term. uPVC keeps your property warm and cool, depending on the season. These windows are also great for home security as they are very difficult to shatter.