Turn only

Turn only

Our Turn Only windows are a great addition to your home! With turn only windows, the tilt and sash is opened by rotating around the hinges. This is the easiest application for windows and doors but not practical for spaces with larger dimensions.

Turn only windows are less prone to water leakages, keeping your home safe and sound no matter the weather. They require very little maintenance and offer amazing ventilation. Unlike other windows installed with cranking functions, the turn only window can be opened in just a few seconds. This gives homeowners full access to the outside window, making cleaning and upkeep an effortless experience! Our turn only windows are highly durable and environmentally friendly, guaranteed to last for decades to come.

The durable glass offers high levels of sound protection at a very little cost. Overtime, this can offer market value to your property and improve its overall appearance. These beautiful and cost-friendly installations are perfect for the whole family. Turn only windows bring a new level of security, as they are easy to upgrade and amend. It’s easy to install child safety locks and/or alarm systems when your windows are simple to open and maintain. This fast operation creates a user-friendly experience for all involved.

Our highly stylish and durable windows will make your home stand out this year! If you’re interested in high performing, energy-saving, and long-term stability windows, then look no further! We can’t wait to work with you. We offer:

At Al Haakim, we offer:

  • Turn only Single Sash

  • Turn only 2 Sash

  • Turn only Arch Shape