Roller Shutter

Roller Shutter

We offer roller shutter doors for utmost protection. There are many benefits to the roller shutter door. While they may not look as welcoming as our other types of doors, roller shutters are perfect for protection. Our roller shutters protect your home or storage unit from break-ins, sun, bad weather, noise, water damage, and more! The additional security makes your home much more difficult to access from unwanted guests.

Our roller shutters enhance and protect the features of any window. At Al Hakiim our roller shutters are fitted with an integrated insect screen that can be raised and lowered at any time. Our screens improve your home comfort instantly by keeping away those pesky insects on warm summer nights. But don’t let the term “shutter” put you off. We offer a variety of options and color possibilities, keeping your shutters safe and in style! We love designing your customized windows with its own roller shutter complete with a seal of quality.

Our roller shutters keep you safe at the press of a button. These electrically operated window rollers open and close, rain or shine. Built-in roller shutters are perfect for a family of four or for renovation projects. They also offer general privacy. Who wants random passers-by looking in unexpectedly? These electrically operated window roller shutters protect your windows and your personal space!

At Al Haakim we offer:

Built-in roller shutters-these shutters are built above the window and are integrated into the building. Therefore, they’re not visible. These rollers are great for renovation projects in older buildings as they protect the project from potential intrusion.

Built-on roller shutters- Built-on roller shutters are built onto the front of the building over the window. These shutters are therefore perfect for renovation projects but are also popular in new buildings.No matter what you decide, our roller shutters will keep your home stylish and safe!

At Al Haakim, we offer:

  • Aluminium only

  • Aluminium with Foam

  • Safety Aluminium

  • Motorized Roller Shutter – Powered by Somfy