You don’t want to miss out on our door and window frame cladding. Our classic clad products come custom-made and don’t require any additional painting or upkeep. There are no exposed fasteners, dents, or waves. We provide simple beauty with little to no upkeep.

You may have heard architects use the term “cladding” to describe the exterior of a building. But what is it? Cladding means that the outside of a building is covered with panels of a different material than the original coverup. Cladding systems help architects solve problems and are often used in construction. There are many different types of cladding. In general, cladding system installations are done through a variety of different methods.

Metals are the best materials for cladding systems. Just think zinc, bronze, copper, etc. In a nutshell, cladding systems protect the outside of a building. They can help the interior of a building as well, but most of the work is done from the outside. Cladding systems are very appealing to architects, and they tend to achieve a modern look.

At Al Haakim we’ll help you select the best cladding system for your home or building. Our highly adaptable products are catered to your needs. We believe homeowners should turn to window cladding. Window cladding protects your windows and offers numerous benefits such as reduced maintenance, aesthetics, damage protection, and energy efficiency. With window cladding, you will save money and improve the overall look of your home.

Cladding prevents weather elementals from harming the original window material. This will save you time and money in the long-run, no matter the weather! Cladding can improve the overall feel of your home by providing top notch insulation. Window cladding offers better insulation than windows without cladding. And who knew that such intense protection requires little maintenance. Cladding doesn’t need painting or sealing to shine!